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It is with heavy hearts that we announce that the 2022 Dryden Bass Tournament is cancelled.

As you all know, volunteers are the backbone of events like the Dryden Bass Tournament. We have been fortunate to have a small, but strong and dedicated group heading this tournament for years. 2022 has brought about challenges that have made it impossible for our current committee to run a tournament that would align with the standard of event we pride ourselves on.

That being said – this is a transition year. We are excited to have some new members joining our committee to help build a diverse, innovative and dedicated team to bring you the very best tournament in 2023. We still need more help though, if you are interested in getting involved please email Michelle at

We cannot thank all the past, present and future volunteers of the Dryden Bass Tournament enough – without you this would never be possible. Enjoy 2022 and see you all in 2023



Hi Everyone!

Thank you for your patience as we have worked to find a way to get you out enjoying Wabigoon as safely and socially responsible as possible! We are happy to announce registration is now open for the 2021 Dryden Bass Tournament.

Boat numbers will be drawn at random prior to the tournament start. Registrations can be found here, at Dingwall Ford Dryden or at QSL Tackle (starting tomorrow).

Things do not look the same as previous years as our main goal is to simply get anglers out there to have some fun. Sheila, Jeff and Darren have worked hard for years to build this into one of the most fun and inclusive tournaments in the area and we look forward to continuing that legacy in the coming years - please let reach out if you are interested in helping out with this year's tournament or in the future!

Thank you!

Michelle Williams

Dryden Bass Tournament

Dryden Bass Tournament

The Dryden Bass Tournament originated in 1995 and was run by D&B Sports and Marine for the years 1995, 1996 and 1997.  In 1998 thru to 2008 the Tournament was run through the volunteer work of Gord Kameda, Bob Nelson, Ross Church, Bonny Smith and Dingwall Ford along with numerous other volunteers.  In 2009 and 2010 Kevin Szachury of KA Sports and Tackle took over the organizing of the tournment.  The tournament was no longer promoted for 2011 and 2012.  In 2013 a group of local fishermen decided to resurrect the Dryden Bass Tournament.  For an overnight decision to put this tournament back on mark participation topped out at 30 teams with expectations to make the future tournaments a true comeback event.  


Available at Dingwall Ford, KA Sports & Tackle and QSL Tackle locally. See site for registration, tournament rules and poster.  Entries can be mailed in.    


The Dryden Bass Tournament is held on Wabigoon Lake in Dryden, Ontario.  It is a one day event with boundaries being all areas accessible by water from the tournament launch site INCLUDING THE DINORWIC CHAIN.  Live bait is allowed.  Artificial lures, manufactured baits and scents will also be allowed.  Each team is allowed to catch and hold up to a maximum of 5 bass of any size in the live well. 

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 2019 Winners! 

Previous Tournament Winners

2013- Tracey Bazinet and Jared Ternowski

2014-Jeff Dingwall and Blair Dingwall

2015-Jay Samsal and Scott Dingwall

2016-Jay Samsal and Scott Dingwall

2017-Jay Samsal and Scott Dingwall

2018- Jeff Dingwall and Michael Cortens

2019- Danny Herbeck and Jared Ternowski

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